CLBU Quality Assurance Specialst

Company Name:
Liberty Mutual
Title: CLBU Quality Assurance Specialst
Location: VT-Williston
Other Locations:
Under general supervision, performs a high volume of Quality Assurance activities on all CLBU processes. Balances department records to corporate records in accordance with Attestation requirements. Produces and signs Attestation documentation. Regularly exercises initiative and independent judgment to resolve problems of limited scope and complexity.
Reviews a high volume of more complex documents to ensure accuracy and compliance with established protocols and procedures. Ensures legal invoices are accurately paid on the correct claims files, to the correct provider, at the correct amount, and in accordance with established protocols. Ensures claims instructions and exception processing are followed. Verifies corporate records contain accurate payee/provider information. Ensures data captured in department systems is accurate. May review the accuracy of all letters enclosing invoices that fail to comply with the standard billing requirements and ensures all special processing instructions were followed. May research any discrepancies or outstanding transactions, and identify duplicate payments. Prepares and signs Attestation reports documenting review findings and escalating any discrepancies to the Supervisor for review and correction.
Extracts data to balance corporate records to department records. Researches any discrepancies and works with the appropriate parties to resolve. Notifies appropriate parties of issues and/or completed balancing. Prepares and signs Attestation reports confirming records balanced and documenting any discrepancies and the actions taken to resolve.
May approve reviewed transactions for payment within limit of authority.
Generates unbiased random samples of work performed in all areas of the department for Quality Assurance review.
Identifies and resolves discrepancies in transactions/documents reviewed. Regularly exercises independent judgment and initiative in handling discrepancies.
Posts/inputs information to Department and Company records. Maintains appropriate Attestation records and generates activity reports.
May assist in retrieving required documents and working with Internal and External Auditors and/or Legal Finance to perform regular Attestation testing of Key Controls.
May assist in other areas of the department as needed.Good oral and written communication skills to effectively maintain customer service relations. Strong attention to detail and ability to work with numbers. Requires detailed working knowledge of accounts payable and department operations. General computer skills and working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite of applications, with intermediate working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Strong organizational and time-management skills and the ability to work well in a fast-paced team environment with strict deadlines. High school diploma or equivalent, plus 1-2 years of experience as a Senior Legal Bill Payment Specialist, which requires other additional CLBU experience and 1-2 years of relevant accounts payable or customer service experience preferred.
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